Most frequent questions and answers
Yes. Our website is 128-bit SSL encrypted throughout the entire website. This is industry standard for secure online ordering. Always make sure to look for the green url bar and the lock or key icon on your browser when you are checking out (location and format differ depending on what browser you are using). This indicates you are viewing a secure, encrypted page.
CD or DVD disc is not included in the purchase. Software installer is downloaded through cloud-storage either through manufacturer or verified & secure third party links.
All software is 100% legitimate and is covered by our company’s guarantee.
You will need to go into your computers control panel and programs list, locate the old versions of the software and uninstall. However in rare cases the software cannot be completely uninstalled an official fixer tool or further instructions will be sent on how to completely uninstall old software.
We encourage all our customer to redeem and register their email address with their Microsoft Product key via Microsoft online or telephone activation with MS directly.
Yes we sell only full versions of software.
All software is delivered digitally. This means right after purchase you will be provided with a key code and download link (if needed). Please allow up to 6 hours to receive the product however in the majority of cases the software will be delivered within an hour.
No creating an account is optional. You may checkout as a guest also.
Click on the person icon next to the cart icon on the top right corner of the website and set your username and password etc.
After successful payment you will receive payment confirmation email. NOTE: Some people have trouble receiving our e-mails because automated messages often end up in spam or junk folders or are blocked by ISP’s. In that case, please try to check the SPAM, BULK folders, etc in your email-box.
In the case of unsolvable problems with a software and if our support team will be unable to help, you can get a refund or replacement software (up to you which product to choose as replacement)!
We work with large volumes from our suppliers to get the lowest rate possible and can afford to offer our valued customers with greater software discount.
No all softwares are one time payment only and for permanent use.
We accept USD, EUR, GBP, and AED. All other international orders in other currencies will be converted to their local currency automatically at normal rates.
OEM and Retail software licenses are generally designed to install and activate on 1(one) computer only, unless you have purchased a multi-license.
We strive to keep the volume of our inventory sufficient. In events that we ran out of stock for a particular software, we will try our very best to inform our customers immediately and re-supply our stock to fulfill the order commitment.
Purchases requiring big volumes can be arranged by contacting us directly via Email, Live Chat, or phone. Provide us your contact information so we may send you a proper quotation of your product of interest.
Following these steps on a Windows operating system, you can determine whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit: 1. Open the System Information Open the Start menu, and click on Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information 2. Look in the System Summary The System Information tool will display detailed information about your Windows operating system. Once opened it will show the “System Summary” a€“ its an overview of your computer and operating system. 3. Look for the System Type Item On the right hand side of the window you will see a list of items. Look for the item called “System Type”. The value of this item will tell you whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit: x86-based PC: Its a 32-bit computer. x64-based PC: Its a 64-bit computer. Now you know what system you have and can make the correct choice.
An ISO or DMG disc image is an archive file of an exact optical disc. The disc image contains every written sector of an optical disc including the file system. ISO are often use in PC or Windows Operating system and DMG are commonly used in Mac. Is Windows Vista upgradable to Windows 7, 8 or 10? It is very possible to upgrade Windows Vista to later Microsoft Windows editions. Although this will require “Clean” or “Parallel Installation” then selecting Custom-Install process. Please refer to your machines hardware specification.