Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (16 Core)

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 is a highly efficient server O/S built to accommodate the needs of businesses of all types of industry. Quickly and securely connect to the network from anywhere  with your own cloud in place. Server 2012 R2 is a dynamic, highly capable server for data-centers, private clouds, business infrastructure needs, and much more.  Windows Server 2012 offers faster response to business needs, while providing an efficient traveling data-center that lets users easily connect from anywhere with their cloud.  This software is built is overall built to increase productivity and efficiency.

Part Number: MFR # P73-06165

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At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft’s experience delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 R2 offers exciting features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, and more.

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Designed for slightly virtualised or non-virtualised environment settings:

  • Suitable for medium to large scale businesses
  • Can support up to 2 virtual machines
  • Can support unlimited amount of users (with required user licenses)
  • With Active Directory Certificate Services features like Online Responder Service and Network Device Enrolment Services
  • Remote access is limited to 10 IAS connections and 50 RRAS connections
  • Server can join any given domain
  • Server core
  • Data deduplication
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)
  • Hyper V
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Failover Clustering
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Integration
  • Volume Activation Services
  • Storage Management Service
  • Server Manager
  • Server license logging
  • BranchCache Hosted Server
  • Best Practices Analyser
  • BranchCache P2P Cache
  • Windows Control Panel
  • ISCSI Target Support
  • Distributed File System Replication
  • DirectAccess
  • Dynamic Memory
  • “Hot” Add/Replace RAM
  • Microsoft Management Console
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Support for Non-Volatile Memory Express
  • Server Core mode
  • Storage Spaces
  • Windows Essentials
  • Web Services
  • WINS Server
  • Print and Document Services
  • Windows Deployment Services
  • Fax Server
  • Application Server
  • DirectAccess

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System requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650
  • Memory: 64-256GB
  • OS Drive: 480GB SSD RAID 1 or better
  • Processor: 1.4GHZ 64-bit
  • Available Disk Space: 32 GB
  • Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Drive

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20 reviews for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (16 Core)

  1. حسن العيثان

    أعجب جدا مع ميكروسوفت ويندوز سيرفر 2016. الكثير من الميزات لطيفة والتحديثات الرئيسية ل هايبر-V و دفس جعل التحديث إلى هذا الإصدار لا بد منه.

    أيضا أفضل نقطة زائد هو أنها قد أدخلت تحسينات كبيرة ل هايبر-V، دفس والتخزين.

  2. راشد الملا

    نامج خادم ممتاز بسعر لا يصدق. أنا لست بحاجة إلى أي كالس حتى هذه الحزمة مثالية لاحتياجاتي.

  3. صالح الغامدي

    تحسينات لطيفة جدا على الخادم 2012. أنا حقا أحب الشكل والمظهر من عام 2016. مس لا يزال يبدو أن تتحرك الأمور حولها وانها مزعجة لديك لتتبع إعدادات أسفل مرة أخرى، ولكن كل شيء في كل شيء يسرني.

  4. Brigette Hayaan

    Thanks for the great deal on my whole order Team DSM. Especially for the discounted prices on the Windows Server items. Very pleased with your service and price. Looking forward to come back and shop again here at your website.

  5. زيد الشامسي

    منتجات ذات جودة عالية.
    الأسعار جيدة جدا ليكون صحيحا.
    ممتازة العملاء وخدمة ما بعد البيع.

    شخصيا أن يوصي هذا الموقع لل

  6. Anthony J James

    I was a bit worried at first looking at the price. But the Server 2016 i bought from DSM is completely original and working perfectly at my organisation.

    All the best too you Team DSM.

  7. Muhammad Bajoi

    This is what one would expect from Microsoft. Good product.

  8. Bronwyn Wiskens

    When you have to have it,, you might as well buy it for a good price 😉

  9. Ken Xiao Fan

    I thought Server 2012 was a disaster. Server 2008 R2 was about as good as it could get. Well, Server 2016 is (in my opinion) not as good as server 2008 R2, but we are getting back on track.

    Best thing is if you want a GUI? You got it. Don’t want a GUI? You got that too. Easy to maneuver, everything that you need in one place.

  10. Jessie Ling

    Upgraded the home domain with this.

  11. Muhammad Bajoi

    Finally, I’m on a server where the UI matches my desktop UI. I like that Windows 10 and Server 2016 match, I’ve never had the luxury of my OS matching the server OS. I am using this to rollout Exchange 2016, so its handy to have!

    Best part is that the UI, familiarity, faster, latest and greatest security features. Thanks for the Recommendation DSM Staff highly appreciated.

  12. Sean Mc Sherry

    Works well in our computer set up, our tech told us what to order and this website delivered just in time.

  13. Jack Xu

    Very satisfied with purchase. Thank you

  14. Abdullah Al Darmaki

    Love it! Great Price! Fast Service!

    Love this server OS. The option of a “Core” installation is nothing new, but keeping this as an option gives admins the choice of the smaller footprint or the GUI interface.

    What are the pros?
    — Good interfaces –Logical “next step” in the Microsoft family of OS’s.

    What are the cons?
    — None

  15. Vishal Pandey

    I have this loaded it now in my test lab and this is definitely a sign of the future. PowerShell is your greatest ally with this server. There is nothing you can’t do with PowerShell from a remote PC. I even promoted my test machine to a domain controller using PowerShell remotely. (Would never do that in production Boss) Some things are better others worse. Not fond of Server Manager but to be truthful I never have been. Thanks for the great price DSM.

  16. Rajni Sharma

    This has legit made my daughter, it’s so user-friendly. I use it for work and home both

  17. Deepali Gaur

    Great value for money, I am very likely to order from you in the future.

  18. Rajni Sharma

    Great value for money, I am very likely to order from you in the future.

  19. Tithi

    This brand name fails to amuse. Wonderful product

  20. Monica

    A must have for every organisattion

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